The Shepherd University Men’s Basketball Team Rolls Through Urbana

The Picket-The Shepherd Rams defeated the Urbana Blue Knights 102-82, when they hosted the team at the Butcher center on Saturday.

High scorer of the night was junior guard Steffen Davis. He scored 22 points to lead the Rams to victory followed by three assists.

Skyler Roman, also a junior guard scored 18 points and had two assists.

Junior forward AJ Carr, scored 15 points and made all of his free throws, while Niam Muhammad, a senior guard, also added 15 to the boards and had the game high of nine assists.

Winston Burgess a sophomore, added 11 points and made several impressive dunks.

The Ram’s forced 19 turnovers and committed 12.

Shepherd’s non-starters also contributed 21 points.

Thomas Lang a freshman guard had seven points while Gavin McTavish, also a freshman added six to the score.

Mike Reed a freshman and Justin McNeil, a sophomore both added four points.

The Rams shot 59 percent from the floor and 78 percent from the free throw line.

The dance team performed at halftime followed by a quick introduction of the 1991 alumni men’s basketball team.

The Rams will continue gameplay at 7:30 p.m. Thursday when they travel to Charleston.


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