The Blue Moon's chips and salsa.

A Guide to Shepherdstown’s Secret Menu

(The Picket)- The hungry at some Shepherdstown restaurants don’t need menus.

For Shepherd University students, diets depend on cheap eats and variety, and availability without a wait.

At the Blue Moon, people can order health-conscious meals.

“Our menu is self-explanatory. Blue Moon has daily specials that are not on the menu,” said Nancy De, 47, and a waitress at the Blue moon.

Items on the daily special are only an option on that day. While their specials are not a secret, Blue Moon has a varied combination of soups and sandwiches with pies that are different every day. The soups alternate daily between vegetarian and meat-based options; there are new sandwiches daily, too, sometimes choices like a turkey sandwich.

Maria’s Taqueria also has secrets.

“We have a special sauce that is a spicy chipotle ranch that some people do not know about,” said Kathy Mason, 24, and a manager at Maria’s Taqueria. Mason said that Maria’s Taqueria has two burritos that only a few know to order: the pork fish taco and the Ramrrito.

“The Ramrrito was a spirit week special that had Queso, guacamole, and chips,” she said. The pork fish taco is composed of the same ingredients a fish taco has—a tortilla with pork, cilantro, jalapeno aioli, and spicy cabbage slaw—but it is not on the menu.

The Lost Dog, a café and hangout place, will make any type of drink you want.

“There aren’t many specific drinks. It’s all word of mouth, you just have to look around,” said Stephanie Blakely, 23.

The Shepherd University Student Center has the Fireside Bistro. The menu is straightforward and usually centered around wraps and salads, but a favorite among students is the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, which is an option not on the menu. The grilled cheese is toasted and topped with thick slices of bacon, served with a side of potato chips and pickles.

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