Making the Most of CareerFest at Shepherd University

In between studying for exams and maintaining a social life, college students must anticipate the reality of a life outside of the classroom. From early childhood, society and parents teach us that a lucrative and successful career is an invaluable tenet of life. Ironically, society also emphasizes the importance of being happy and finding an enjoyable career.

Because society’s definition of a valuable career is paradoxical, students are often disillusioned by post-graduate work and struggle to find a position that will leave them both happy and financially stable.

Without warning, college students are often thrown into the workforce with a worthless liberal arts degree and no sense of security in a dog-eat-dog world.

Because finding your niche in the work field can be a nearly impossible feat, Shepherd University’s Career Services provides Shepherd students with the opportunity of a lifetime through the Shepherd University CareerFest.

CareerFest provides Shepherd students and alumni with the opportunity to network with nearly 85 potential employers.

CareerFest, led by Career Services Director Victoria Kerr Buchbauer and Graduate Assistant Jamie Fry, allows students and alumni from all academic backgrounds and majors to meet potential employers ranging anywhere from fire departments to broadcasting companies.

According to Buchbauer, Shepherd’s CareerFest is unique from other university career programs because of the amount of openness that is granted to interested employers.

“One aspect of Shepherd’s CareerFest that sets Shepherd apart from other universities is the breadth of employers we are able to obtain. Because we opt not to charge interested employers for a spot at CareerFest, more companies are encouraged to come to Shepherdstown and are excited to meet job prospects,” said Buchbauer.

Several companies who are scheduled to make an appearance at Shepherd’s CareerFest 2013 include AFLAC, Big Brothers Big Sisters, C&O Canal National Historical Park, the Deptartment of Health and Human Resources, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, the U.S, Navy, and River Riders.

For first-year students who can not afford to leave campus or lack the experience necessary for certain companies, Buchbauer makes sure to include Shepherd University student employment as a viable option.

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