Lacrosse Improves to 7-3

The Lady Rams Lacrosse defeated Urbana at home 24-6 on Tuesday. The Lady Rams have be starting the season out strong and they are showing signs of continuing their positive efforts. The Rams were led by sophomore Georgia Karr with five goals and two assists.


The Rams had a lot of team efforts from many players. Senior Nicole Ruane, senior Krista Tippett, sophomore Kelsey Eagan and freshman Erin Phelan all added to the victory with three goals. Eagan matched Karr’s assists with two while Ruane and Phelan added one.


Junior Hanna Wharton and freshman Hunter Morris tied each other for a single goal. Every goal counts for the Lady Rams and the single goals equal just the same the Rams victory added up with single goals from Junior Christina Ferrara, freshman Maggie Garvey, and freshman Theresa Lang.


Helping to hold Urbana to only six goals were sophomore Lily Schmulwitz with five saves of the evening. There was an advantage in the Rams favor with 39-15 average in shots taken as well as 28-17 control of ground balls.


Saturday the Rams remained home to protect their home field defeating Kutztown 20-7. ¬†The stats for this match were so far the biggest of the season. Senior Krista Tippett had a game high of five goals and one assist. Sophomore Georgia Karr led the Rams with a game high of six assists. Sophomore Kelsey Eagan wasn’t far beind connecting with the net with four goals and two assists. Senior Nicloe Ruane added three goals and one assists, and freshman Erin Phelan made three goals for the Rams.


Junior Hanna Wharton had two goals, and following up with single goals were Jenny Cavey, and freshman Thersea Lang. Freshman Hunter Morris  helped make those goals possible with her three assists. Sophomore Lily Schmulowitz led the game with six saves.


The Rams once again kept the upper hand through out the game. The Rams led with a 27-18 shot advantage and barley getting by on ground balls 30-26. Shepherd will be on the road to take on Slippery Rock on Tuesday at 7p.m. Shepherd is now 7-3.

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