Cyber Security Threats to the United States: Are They Real?

I may not know much on the subject, but from what I do know, cyber security is a well paying career field because not many people are good with it and because it is a way to prevent information from being stolen or grids shutting down.

Recently, China’s military committed hacking attacks on American businesses, specifically with companies that monitor U.S. oil and gas pipelines.

What all this means is that we could be on the brink of a cyber security cold war if we aren’t already in one. Information is key in this day and age, and if you can hack in and shut down competing countries’ assets or create confusion militarily, you get an upper hand that will most likely end up as the winning hand.

It’s not just countries that are toying around with cyber security; it’s companies and businesses, too, to get information and ideas so they can one up the other guy. Corporate competition can be intensely fueled, and corporate espionage is by no means a new thing; it’s been happening for years.

Think of having competing companies basically warring with each other over ideas and products, which they are already doing, but at a way more intense level. They’re probably already doing this anyway.

Cyber security jobs pay very well for a reason; they are in high demand with the government and with corporations, and it is a part of our future which will probably remain for a very long time. One of my friends will be making more money than several of my friends and me combined, right out of college. It is extremely lucrative as a career (for now) and extremely useful for the organizations that are utilizing such people.

Whatever the case for our future and who goes into what, we can be sure to see more cyber security leaks across the globe and here at home. We should probably be prepared for when someone good with computers who doesn’t like us finds all our files and pages we don’t want people to see and shows them to the world.

As I have said previously, I do not know much about cyber security; and if I were to talk to someone more knowledgeable on the subject, preferably in this particular field, I would be able to offer more in-depth insight into this topic.

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