A Christian revival is planned is planned for Shepherd University on March 20

Christian Revival Started Small, Then Spread

Asbury University, a Christian college in Wilmore, Kentucky, has experienced its first major revival since the 1970s. Worshipping began at a chapel service on Feb. 8 and continued nonstop for two weeks. The revival has spread to other towns. Some Shepherd University students would like to see a revival come to Shepherdstown.

A reporter from Christianity Today said the Wednesday chapel that day started like any other but on the last song the students felt the presence of God in the room and didn’t want to leave.  

A theological professor at the Asbury Theological seminary went to see it for himself. “When I arrived, I saw hundreds of students singing quietly,” he said. “They were praising and praying earnestly for themselves and their neighbors and our world—expressing repentance and contrition for sin and interceding for healing, wholeness, peace, and justice.”

College students and those who came prayed in small groups, sang worship songs and read scripture aloud. By the next day, hundreds more students came and were running toward the chapel. Within a couple of days, it was standing room only.

A Christian revival at Asbury University in Kentucky started as a simple worship service, but continued for two weeks without stopping. Students came from all over the country to attend, and similar revivals spread to other college campuses across the U.S. The revival also went viral on TikTok.

Anna Hunsinger, a freshman at Asbury University, made a TikTok about the impact. Anna said that chapel normally ran for about an hour, and people typically stayed to pray if they didn’t have class but then students were encouraged to come back after their class.

Anna wanted people to know that the revival is real and genuine and that it was not to elevate the university. She said it happened spontaneously.  The revival has progressed from Asbury students and the local community to a national movement.  

Students came from more than 260 colleges and universities. The revival spread to other universities around the U.S. Social media, like this TikTok, have helped it to spread in schools like Lee University. 

The initial service started with just singing, but then students brought in musical instruments and they prayed and read scripture. Many people said they felt saved. Ashley who went to a service at Lee University said it was the most pure and genuine service she has ever been to. 

These revivals are now popping up at other universities across the United States. When talking to Shepherd University students, many are excited for revival on this campus but aren’t sure what all is involved. Lilly, a sophomore at Shepherd University said that the closest thing to a revival she had seen are worship nights put on by Delight Ministries at Shepherd University. 

“There were more people there than I had expected” Lilly said remembering the worship night. Manyu Shepherd students hope to see a revival at their campus sometime soon. 


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