Winter Storm Buries Campus

Another round of winter weather dumped over a foot of snow in the Shepherdstown area on Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, causing Shepherd University to cancel classes for the remainder of the week.

Streets were covered, cars were trapped and sidewalks were blanketed by yet another winter storm.

So far this spring semester, Shepherd has cancelled classes five and a half times, which is more cancellations than in the last three years combined. Spring recess has already been rescheduled to make up for cancelled days this past January.

According to Alan Perdue, the general counsel, 2013 had two cancellations due to the weather, 2012 had none, and 2011 had one cancellation, two delays, and one evening cancellation.

By Friday, most university sidewalks were clean and town businesses opened to greet bored students. While the dining hall remained open, other amenities were shuttered.

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