Bieber Fever Attracts the Heat

Justin Bieber’s latest shenanigans have landed him a DUI charge, a possession of marijuana charge, and a nationwide petition to deport him back to Canada.

One of America’s most noticeable musicians, and unfortunately a role model, has been getting in a great deal of trouble with the law and he doesn’t seem to be taking any of it seriously. I think the youth of America could have a much healthier role model who isn’t someone so headstrong on having a “bad boy” persona.

Recently, Bieber has been partying like a rock star with the maturity of a small boy.

This all began with Bieber being pulled over by police when he was illegally drag racing at speeds around 130 miles per hour. The cops believed Bieber to be intoxicated and in the police report it stated he scored a .04 on a blood alcohol test. Because Bieber is under the age 21 and there is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to minors and consumption of alcohol, registering a .04 is still illegal. Police said he was slurring his words and that he had bloodshot eyes.

Wow, it must be rough to be a star.

He was eventually arrested; however, he made bail since he is rich as a royal king and was received by hundreds of fans screaming his name while he was leaving the jail. He even had time to sign autographs outside the detention center.

What a great member of society!

I think it is a bad sign when there are adults and children alike sitting outside of a jail treating Bieber like a role model and an icon. After awhile, the internet got ahold of Bieber’s mug shot that showed him grinning at his accomplishments.

Sheesh, someone is sadly mistaken or just full of himself.

This kid is condoning acting like a punk and that if you get caught, don’t take it seriously. Justin’s fanbase consisted of mainly pre-teens when he first became famous and they have been following him throughout his career.

I fear some of these fans may repeat Bieber’s criminal actions as they aspire to be like him.

Freshman Aimee Compenhaver said, “Whenever his youthful fans see him do things like break the law, they may want to try it too. It’s like monkey see, monkey do.”

A week following the arrest there was another complaint about Bieber, his father, and his entourage smoking marijuana on their private plane. Bieber and his friends filled their plane with so much marijuana smoke during the flight that the pilots had to put on oxygen masks.

The DEA and law enforcement officials were at the airport when the plane landed and Bieber admitted to smoking weed and drinking. However, no one from the flight crew would press charges.

After showing kids and young adults that Bieber is untouchable, I wonder what there is to stop them from trying the same stunts. Unfortunately, the ones that mimic Bieber don’t have the same money or status as him so they must suffer the consequences.

A great deal of people agree with me and a nationwide petition was created that stated Bieber should have his green card revoked and be sent back to Canada. The petition has over 250,000 signatures.

While I think that Bieber being deported is a bit extreme, he is clearly not going to clean up his act and become a decent role model for our youth. The more chaos Bieber creates and the more he gets away with it, the more and more appealing it is to the minds of the youth.

They want to be cool, they want to be rich, and they want to be Justin Bieber. I would recommend that he get his act together.

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