To Fall or Not to Fall? Shepherd Students and Alumni give their opinion of the Season Change on Campus   

Kevin Couser, Reporter 

It’s Fall. The leaves are changing color, the nights are getting longer, and the temperature is getting chillier by the day. Just like the season, Shepherd University is slowly but surely changing.  

The campus is filled with students changing from their light and breathable clothes to heavy and warm ones, and the heat may be at full blast in some student’s cars in the mornings. 

 However, Shepherd students have mixed feelings about these changes in conditions, from the weather to the fall spices and everything else that comes with the welcoming of Fall. 

Fireside Bistro, the Starbucks-like café on campus serves seasonal flavors, with a big emphasis on pumpkin spice lattes that are a huge hit amongst students. 

“I love the pumpkin spice and seasonal flavors that come out every fall,” Nathaniel Muhle, Junior Student at Shepherd said. “That is one of the highlights of Fall for me.”  

Others like Fall because of the scenery change and aesthetic on campus.  

“Shepherd’s campus is so beautiful during the Fall season,” Aliyah Wright, a Shepherd University Alumna said, “The leaves turn the prettiest hue of orange and the whole campus has a very cozy small-town vibe to it.”

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In Shepherdstown, it’s that point in the year when the temperature starts to drop, and the wind makes the air chillier and chillier. While some hate the coldness that Fall starts to reel in, others can’t get enough of it. The drop in temperature gives people the freedom to dress stylishly in warmer clothes and shoes, such as Katie Bishop.  

“I love Fall because of the change in the seasons,” Katie Bishop, Athletic Trainer for Shepherd University said. “I love how cool it gets and it gives me the opportunity to wear cute little scarves and sweaters. Who doesn’t love Fall?” 

“Fall gives me the opportunity to wear some of my favorite clothes like my hoodies and leggings,” Brittany Thompson, Freshman Shepherd Student said. 

However, there are always two sides to the spectrum when it comes to liking and disliking something. 

“I don’t like Fall because it gets colder and drabber outside,” James Bell, Senior Shepherd Student said, “Overall, terrible season.” 

No matter how Fall is viewed, one cannot deny the beauty in the changing of seasons in Shepherdstown. 

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