Tri Sigma Sorority Sisters pose for a photo at the 2023 Homecoming Parade. Photo courtesy of Shepherd Flikr.

Homecoming and Founders Day: Spirit Week Winners

As Homecoming and Founders Day has come and gone, many reminisce on many of Shepherd’s students and faculty. While homecoming was on the Oct. 20 weekend, it is important to fully learn the history of the university’s homecoming events.

According to the Shepherd library yearbooks, this event has been here since the 1950s. A tradition across the country for colleges to invite their alumni ‘home’ to reunite and see the campus as it is evolving. It is a special opportunity for programs to represent their organizations and families and friends to enjoy.

Director of Student Activities and Leadership/Fraternity & Sorority Life Rachael Meads was adamant about the energy from the crowd during homecoming was very positive and full of life. Everyone present had put out this fulfillment that the many programs were trying to show during the parade.

“Folks feel connected to our campus and alums, lots of laughter, and team bonding through working collaboratively during Spirit Week,” Meads said.

She oversaw what program was doing each event, and that included the Lip Sync Battle that was hosted by the Program Board. The various teams competed in this event and was memorable to most of the student body. All events were community friendly and fun which had many excited for the next Homecoming and Founders Day events.

“I hope we can continue to increase participation in the Spirit Week competition by more clubs and organizations (11 teams competed this year). I would also love to see more general students attending events all week,” Meads said.

Homecoming Spirit Week competition winners were Delta Zeta for first place, Lambda Chi Alpha for second place, and Tau Kappa Epsilon for third place.

Individual competition winners had different themes to compete in.

Family Feud winners were Alpha Phi Omega (Blue Category) and Delta Zeta (Gold Category).

Field Day winners were Lambda Chi Alpha Lip Sync Battle, Delta Sigma Pi (Blue Category) and Phi Mu Alpha (Gold Category).

Banner Competition winners were Alpha Phi Omega (Blue Category) and Delta Zeta (Gold Category).

Parade Float winners were Lambda Chi Alpha (Blue Category) and Delta Zeta (Gold Category).

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