Tis’ The Season! Shepherd University In Full Swing for The Holidays with Midnight Breakfast!

As students enter the last stretch of the semester with finals week approaching, many are studying hard to finish the year off strong. Some form study groups, while others like to study by themselves. With finals week, also comes an increasing amount of stress.

“I have so many finals and so little time!” Aliyah Wright, a Shepherd University Student, said. “I have two finals due the same day and another two due on another day. It is just too much.”

With many other students feeling overwhelmed as well, Shepherd University has heard their cries and has implemented a silver lining to start the week. It is a tradition called Midnight Breakfast that was such a hit last year, they are bringing it back again. On the Sunday before finals, Ram’s Den holds an event that offers music, giveaways, and free food. The purpose is to take a break away from finals and relax the mind from the stress it brings.

“I loved it last year,” says Isaiah Farmer, another Shepherd University student, “it really accomplished taking my mind away from finals for a couple hours. I can’t wait to go this year!”

With thanksgiving passing and Christmas forthcoming, Midnight Breakfast is holiday themed with Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling and pajama-themed wear for ultimate comfort. As the title says, staff will be dishing out breakfast and all sorts of goody treats such as cookies and ice cream.

Midnight Breakfast is Sunday, December 4th (tonight), from 10am to 12am. Admission is free to all Shepherd students.

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