Student Government Association meets with Shepherd University Police to discuss campus safety

SHEPHERDSTOWN – Shepherd University Police Sergeant David Kelvington spoke to the executive board of the Student Government Association on Monday, Feb. 16, about campus safety, said SGA vice President Graham Scott.

Kelvington spoke about the police department’s plan to add video surveillance around campus in the future. He also stressed the need to advertise services that he feels students are not aware of, such as the police department’s jump start and unlock services. If a student’s car is dead or if a student locks keys in his or her car, the police will help for free.

“He emphasized the basic motto of ‘if you see something, say something,’ which kind of goes hand in hand with 3D Thursday,” Scott said. “He mentioned various defense mechanisms allowed on campus such as pepper spray, rape whistles, small pocket knives and even the alarm on your car’s key fob.”

Kelvington said that he believes that it is not only the police department but everyone’s job to report burned out lights or areas that are poorly lit to facilities.

“Students should call the police department or facilities if they see a lighting problem on campus. There are a total of 14 policemen/women working for Shepherd and at least one is on duty at all times,” Kelvington said.

Students can contact University Police by calling 304-876-5374 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the office, 304-876-5202 to contact an on-duty officer for a non-emergency situation or 9-911 for an emergency. Facilities can be reached by calling 304-876-5236.

SGA members plan to discuss their meeting with Kelvington at their next 5 p.m. Tuesday meeting on the third floor of the student center, SGA president Logan Sigley said.

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