Football coach Faunteroy selected to attend coaches academy

SHEPHERDSTOWN- Shepherd University coach Ramal Faunteroy will be taking another big step in his coaching career, as he will be attending the fifth annual NFL and NCAA Coaches Academy.

“It’s a blessing and a great opportunity,” said Faunteroy, who has been on staff at Shepherd for the last seven seasons. “It’s an opportunity to learn, broaden my horizon and to bring back information for coaches and players here.”

Faunteroy was one of 30 NCAA coaches selected across the nation to attend the academy.

Last season, Faunteroy, who is the defensive line coach, helped lead the Rams to their fourth consecutive season atop rushing defense in division II. The Rams allowed 44.3 yards per game on the ground last season.

During his time at the academy, Faunteroy says that he expects to learn a lot of new things over the three day period.

“We’ll be learning about the schematics of offense, defense and special teams,” he said, “as well as being in a pro environment. We’ll touch on all aspects of the game, and it’s a great chance to just listen and learn.” Faunteroy also added that they will talk about career advancements and opportunities to move up from division II, as well as the aspects of running a football program, on and off the field.

Faunteroy is no stranger to this environment, as he spent time with the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp, participating in the Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship last year.

“It was hands on from day one,” he said. “I was treated just like another coach. I got to work with Dick LeBeau and Mike Tomlin, as well as John Mitchell. I had the opportunity to give input and chime in.

Shepherd head coach Monte Cater said this will be a great opportunity for Faunteroy.

“He is a great coach,” Cater said. “It’s a great opportunity to meet people and touch on things outside of coaching.”

Cater added that he will be exposed to many speakers, such as Dennis Green, who was a former NFL head coach, and it’s an overall opportunity to hear communication on a campus.

The academy will take place in Louisville, Ky., from Feb. 20 – Feb. 22.

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