Springtime Fashion Tips

What to Wear This Spring:

So you are in this awkward transition between seasons and you cannot figure out what to wear. One day, it is relatively warm out side and the next day, it is freezing. Not only that, some days start out cold and by the end of the day, you’re sweating under your thick sweater.

You’ll feel embarrassed if you are the only one in class wearing shorts, but you also don’t want lose your chance to attract someone in the little time you have before summer.

This is supposed to be a happy season, but, as far as your wardrobe goes, there ain’t much happy stuff going on.

For The Gals

Your wardrobe during these (supposedly warmer) months should include colors and fabrics that reflect the weather and nature of spring. Your clothes should be bright and shiny, even if the sun isn’t. So, what’s trending for this spring? All of the usual must-haves are still in the basket.

Pastels are always great for a springtime wardrobe and this year is no exception. Green is a color popping up all over the place in fashion this spring. Adding a little mint to your wardrobe is exactly what you need to sweeten up an outfit. I know some girls love to wear pink, and pink is perfect for spring, but try to think more coral. It’s a little more sophisticated and you’ll still get to wear your pink! Baby blue, periwinkle, and lighter shades of orange are in too.

You can’t go wrong when you go nude! I’m talking about the color (Although going naked would get you a lot of attention, this is not an anti-animal fur ad and you’d probably get arrested). Light khaki and taupe are really popular colors this spring and they go great with a little extra bling. Try pairing a khaki top with a little gold or silver to catch that extra attention.

I know it can still be a little chilly, but you have to put away your heavy sweaters, leggings, and UGGs. Wear lightweight fabric tops and carry a lightweight sweater or cardigan if it feels a little nippy.

I know it’s hard, but you have to break out of your denim obsession and shave your legs. The winter months are over and there is no excuse anymore. You need to quit hiding your legs and throw on a skirt once in a while. A skirt or a dress, it doesn’t matter which, but you have to show some skin. Not too much, though; it’s not summer quite yet (that means no booty shorts). Have fun with the colors of your shorts, but just make sure they have a 3-inch inseam.

Springtime dresses are great for any body type. Even larger girls can wear a dress and wear it well. If you like to belt your dress, then try to use lighter or contrasting colors. This will help your belt and accessories pop against the color/pattern of the dress.

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