Smart Springtime Date Ideas

Springtime – a time of change, a time of love and a time to spend more time with significant others. One can be overwhelmed with the amount of activities to do and concerned about factors such as prices and locations. It doesn’t have to be difficult to plan a date.

You just have to know what you and your partner both like and plan something you both will enjoy. If you’re both into the outdoors, fishing, hiking in mountainous areas in Harpers Ferry, biking along the C&O Canal or a weekend camping trip are great ideas.

If one of you is into films and the other is into the outdoors, then a trip to a drive-in movie theater is a great idea. Drive-ins still exist, and you can research inexpensive drive-ins nearby. Or you could have a DIY outdoor movie night; all you need is a projector screen, a system that plays movies on a projector, and your date. There are many outdoor screenings of Hollywood blockbusters shown at Shepherd University on the midway near the Student Center during the warmer months.

If these are not your forte, what about a good old-fashioned picnic? Find a nice place to go (a park, a field, a lake, almost anywhere) and bring foods you both like and a blanket.
If both of you are into music, try and see if there are any outdoor concerts nearby. Contrary to popular belief, most concerts are relatively easy on wallets. Concerts offered at Shepherd through the Friends of Music and PASS series are free for students and provide a great inexpensive date night for music lovers.

Whatever you decide to do for a date with your significant other, just make sure that both of you have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Have a safe and fun spring….whenever it arrives.

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