A snowy day at Shepherd University. Photo Courtesy Shepherd University

Snow Days at Shepherd May Come to an End

Being notified on a snowy morning that classes are canceled due to snow or ice is a relief for many students. Since COVID, these notifications are less common because classes can take place online. With classes operating online, it is easier for teachers to still teach in the event of snow, ice or other inclement weather.

The purpose of this policy is to protect those on or coming to campus from hazardous weather conditions.

Eva Olsson, a teacher in the Intensive English Language Program at Shepherd University said  “I think that policy is a good thing. Most students(and teachers) have access to the internet and Zoom, so it’s easy to meet on Zoom or assign online activities. There are many ways to have a good, interactive class session on Zoom. This is one way that the COVID lockdown has led to greater possibilities for teaching.”

With online classes, snow days at Shepherd may become a thing of the past. Photo courtesy Shepherd University

Dr. John Stephen, a professor in the biology Studies Department said “Since I am an ‘in-person’ class teacher, a snow cancellation does effectively give me the day off which makes the job easy that day(because I don’t have to lecture or lead lab, etc).”

He added, “If online classes are taught even though in-person classes are closed, the online classes don’t affect my job, in contrast it makes my job easier.”

Julia Bivens, a mathematics student, thinks it would be good to allow professors to plan meetings online for snow days. “It would be the most effective for times when a significant storm caused classes to be closed for a week,” she said.

Fatoumata Conteh, a  biology major at Shepherd, said, “I think this will make the job easier for both parties because there will be flexibility and it will be convenient.”

Youssouf Bakayoko, a business studies student at the college, hopes the online courses will help students and teachers during the snowy days. “I think it will make the job easier as some students live far from the university. They wouldn’t be able to drive on snow to school; it won’t be safe because of the bad weather,” he said.

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