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Smooth Sailing: Tips & Tricks for Midterm Week

As the month of February comes to an end, the students at Shepherd University are approaching midterms. Starting from Monday, February 20 to Friday February 24, students will be taking written tests for courses they’ve elected. Although some professors will not be offering an exam for certain classes, little tension will be relieved from few students. Since the spring semester begun in January, many seniors’ attention is geared toward graduation. For other younger rams, there is still time left before they can walk across that stage. Nonetheless, here are tips and tricks to prepare students for their upcoming week ahead.

  1. Just Breathe.

For many freshmen and even incoming rams, this environment of test taking still new to them. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, research shows that students who use some form of mindfulness in their daily lives reduce stress and create healthier habits for their well-being. Taking a few moments to breathe while studying and before your midterm will allow you to destress.

  1. Eat A Balanced Meal.

Sustaining your stomach with nutrients to fuel your brain can be very beneficial. You want to give your body then energy it needs to retain information. Let’s be honest, who wants to hear a grumbly stomach in the middle of an exam? No one is asking you to eat an IHOP meal with a side of bacon and toast. Unless that’s your vibe.

  1. Don’t Cram Your Studying Time!

Material isn’t going to synch into your brain after reading material once or twice. Take the time to analyze what you’re studying and look over it as much as needed. Slowly study a few days in advance and read aloud if you have too. Sometimes you can even utilize students within your class to do a quick study session.

  1. Your Grade Doesn’t Define You.

Whatever you may get on your tests, look for areas that can be utilized as room for improvement. One exam does not mean you are a failure and that you are below average. Sometimes you must take a step back, brush off your shoulders and keep your head high. Also, take note of the office hours your professor has. Go to them for any forms of questions or misunderstandings you may have after your exam. They are a tool to help you succeed. This exam is not your enemy, just work harder.

  1. Get Some Rest.

Many students are guilty of not having a sleep schedule. Of those students, there’s not many who get a full eight hours of sleep. As many people state that mental health matters, in this case it does. You want to rest your brain from all that studying the night before and try waking up an hour or two early before your exam for some extra study time. The Scarborough Library should be your go-to quiet space.


With exams approach, take the appropriate measures to ensure that you’re on the right path to prepare yourself. It may be difficult when trying to retain such large information but take your time. Utilize words of encouragement to thrive for the best. Students tend to work day in and day out as well as other responsibilities. Don’t beat yourself up and overthink, rather take your time, and pace yourself. Good luck to all Rams on their midterms!

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