Shepherd’s lower funding may mean higher tuition

Why is Shepherd University not raising as much money as similar universities?

In the 2014 academic fiscal year, Shepherd University raised $2,893,813, according to an annual survey conducted by the Council for Aid to Education.

While not the lowest grossing of 1,053 schools, Shepherd made less money than many other Universities and Baccalaureate schools of a similar size, according to a survey by the Council for Aid to Education,.

McDaniel College in Maryland, which hosts about 2,000 fewer students than Shepherd raised $6,981,985. Simpson College in Iowa, again with about 2,000 fewer students than Shepherd raised $6,107,350. The trend continues, with Marywood College in Pennsylvania, which houses around 1,000 fewer students raised $4,151,141.

Among public baccalaureate schools, Shepherd University does not even crack the top 10, coming in at the 14th highest earning. It is worth noting that this position does not factor in private schools of a similar size, and many of the schools that raised less money than Shepherd on this version of the list are small schools with under 1,000 students, like the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Nationwide, alumni giving as a source of money for schools rose 9.4 percent and the amount of those gifts rose an average of 25.5 percent, according to a January article, “Huge Explosions of Wealth,” by Madeline Will in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Will also noted that overall alumni participation had dropped from 8.7 percent the previous year to 8.3 percent in 2014.

. Will’s article quotes fund-raising consultant Bruce W. Flessner attributing the overall success of schools raising large amounts to “the power of a big campaign.”

Will’s article cites Harvard University as the highest money raiser in 2014, raising $1.16 billion, following a campaign to raise $6.5 billion.

With lack of state funding, pending increases in campus housing, meal plans and proposals to increase in-state undergraduate tuition being discussed at faculty Senate meetings and Student Government Association meetings; perhaps something that Shepherd administration should consider is a new fund-raising campaign.

Current Shepherd University fund-raising organizations and opportunities can be found at

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