Shepherd University's golf teams now have a simulator that allows them to practice in inclement weather and improve their skills.

Shepherd’s Golf Teams Welcome New Simulator

Shepherd University golf team welcomed its brand new simulator on March 4. The simulator room is called the Ed Fincham Studio. It is named in honor of Ed Fincham and all the hard work and time he has put into Shepherd University.

Simulators are a major tool used by golf teams competing at the collegiate level. The simulator allows players to improve their swings.

It also allows for players to accurately find the correct yardages for each of their clubs. The simulator also has features to allow the player to see other aspects of the swing that may be affecting their game.

Along with being able to find exact yardages for clubs, players now have access to play 26 different golf courses on the simulator.

Most colleges and universities that have a golf program have a simulator. This allows for the players to practice no matter the weather outside.

“Now that we have ours we are not two months behind everybody else,” said head golf coach Chuck Ingram. 

With the simulator now, the Shepherd golf team can practice during the winter months when most courses are closed. This will allow for the players to keep their skills up during the time between seasons. Having the simulator will also now allow for the golf team to practice if it is raining outside.

The simulator is up and running now, but it did not get built overnight. The golf team went out and did a lot of fundraising to help with the production of the simulator room and the simulator itself.

Now with the simulator being available to the golf team, they can compete with other teams that have simulators.

“I love that the simulator allows us to practice year round as well as on campus!” said women’s golf team member Ciara Scafide.

With the simulator in the Butcher Center, members of the golf team no longer have to travel off campus if they want to hit golf balls. This is a major change considering before there was nowhere on campus for the golf team to practice.

The simulator is a huge thing for the men’s and women’s golf team at Shepherd University. It will allow for the players to be able to analyze their game better and compete more during the beginning of the season.











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