Football is in Session! Shepherd Rams prepare for Spring Game and Pro Day

As the seasons are in that awkward phase of trying to transition to warmer temperatures, the Shepherd University football team is also in a period of transition. After coming off a regional championship run, the Shepherd Rams are back to square one in rebuilding their team and building team chemistry.

“We are excited to get out there and build our team up into another championship-caliber team,” said Sidrick Ofori, outside linebacker for the Shepherd Rams, “I have a great feeling about this group.”

For more than four weeks, the Rams have been building in all phases of the game this spring, including mentally and physically. For the beginning part of the spring training, the Rams have been winter conditioning early in the morning, with freezing cold temperatures reaching 16 degrees Fahrenheit some days.

“This is for their bodies to develop and reach that next level when it comes to not only being physically tough, but mentally as well,” said Coach PK, assistant strength, and conditioning coach for the Shepherd Rams.

The Rams have finally graduated from the brutal, yet necessary winter conditioning and have started to put the pads on and prepare for Spring ball.  This later half of the spring season’s main goal is to get new transfers and freshmen, as well as older guys on the team, used to the new plays and calls that will be implemented this Spring and beyond.

“College football is a lot more different than high school ball when it comes to pace and plays,” said Kaylen Perez, freshman linebacker for Shepherd, “Getting all the plays down and making sure I am learning my responsibilities is definitely something that is the top of my priorities.”

With former Rams such as Joey Fisher, Ronnie Brown, and Tyson Bagent coming back to Shepherd University for Pro Day on March 28th, the Ram morale is high on the team to not just show up, but show out during practice.

“These guys showed it is possible to reach the next level from not just division II football, but this very school,” said Isaiah Farmer, junior defensive end for the Rams, “It is inspiring to see and is also giving Shepherd a lot of looks from a lot of NFL teams. This type of atmosphere makes you want to practice your best at all times!”

The official Spring ball game will be on April 15th at 3:30 pm. All of Ram nation are welcome to come watch as the Rams show all the hard work they have been putting in all Spring semester.



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