Shepherd University Acts in Greek Life Day of Service

Many Shepherd University students devoted last week’s fall break to helping others from moving refrigerators to playing with puppies.

“My friends were jealous that I get to play with puppies and kittens all day,” said Amanda Custer, who volunteered at the Berkeley County Animal Shelter.

Others who helped out at the shelter were Tyler Hulten and Jeremiah Johnson.

“I’m personally glad we ended up here just because I love animals,” Hulten said.

Johnson said his favorite part was playing with the animals. “First thing this morning we had to sort out old towels and rags but later we got to bathe and feed the animals. It was fun,” he said.

At the Boys and Girls Club, volunteers included James Hall, a sophomore sociology major, and Brock Martin, a senior nursing student.

“I liked working at Jefferson Academy a little more because it was more hands on with sweeping and cleaning. Here we were just sorting and filing papers,” Hall said.  “I can’t wait to see this place buzzing.”

“We moved about three fridges at Jefferson Academy,” Martin said. “Here the filing was tedious work. It goes to a good cause, so it’s worth it.”

Shepherd students also volunteered at the South Berkeley Senior Services, the Shepherdstown Visitors Center and the Telamon Apartment complex.

Volunteers from Sigma Sigma Sigma were Carrie Arvin, Amanda Custer, Allison Brooks, Lindsey Lindgren and Kelsey Emery.

Volunteers from Alpha Sigma Tau were Christa Carr, Samantha Barrett, Cassidy Ferrari, Felicia Hall, Allison Morey, Shannon Prescott and Marin Simpson.

Volunteers from Lambda Chi Alpha were Tyler Hulton, Brock Martin, Jeremiah Johnson and Andrew Potts.

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