Game Zone
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Shepherd students wish to remodel the Game Zone

Shepherdstown, W.Va – Shepherd University student Kyle Daggett believes the pool room and bowling alley in the student center has potential to be one of the more exciting places on campus, “The potential that the area has and is not utilized is crazy. I really wish the school would do something different with the space.”

He’s not alone among the student body who agree that the recreation center space needs a complete overhaul. Unfortunately, university administrators were unable to be reached to comment on this issue and how much it would cost.

With the lack of student interaction with the center, more than likely the money for the overhaul is not in the budget right now. Regardless, Daggett and others still have possible visions for what the student center could be.

“I think the area [Shepherd University] needs to be changed up especially with pool tables being put into the Potomac place residence hall”, Trey Stamey, a junior at Shepherd, said in a recent interview, “I would love see ping pong tables and shuffleboard tables be put into that [Game Zone] space.”

He wasn’t the only one who had ideas for new things that could be put up there, as shown by a recent survey that was taken by 29 students outside of the student center.

Recreation Center Survey
Survey and graph courtesy of Adam Miller

The survey found heightened interest in creating the gaming center and lounge area. Wes Martin, a shepherd university student who regularly attend the tournaments last year, was a big fan of the gaming center in particular.

“Those nights they had the tournaments were some of the best nights on campus. The great time you have talking and hanging out with some of your friends and even some other students that I would normally not talk to was always an amazing time. It would be awesome to see that area be turned into a gaming area,” Martin said.

The creation of a lounge area was also a popular choice, according to the survey results.

“I would love a place to be able to wind down after class,” said Leann Brown, a shepherd university softball player, “It would be a big help to have an area like that on that side of campus. Especially with how loud and chaotic the ram’s den can being, it would be nice to have a much quieter spot to be able to relax.”

The distaste for the existing facilities is not anything new.

“The bowling balls were always extremely difficult to use,” recalled Eric Sloper, a former university student, “It was a bunch of misfit balls which made it hard to find ones that you’d like. The balls were chipped and worn down. The alleys themselves were old and always changed your shot because of the quality of shape that they were in. All of these factors really discourage students to use the area.”

Shepherd junior Ravyn Rouse has his own complaints about the bowling alley.

“The main problem with the bowling alley was the fact that you had to keep your own score,” Rouse said.

Even with the complaints, there are other students like Cam Stephens who said they still use the recreation on a regular basis.

“I love killing some time in there in between classes. I really enjoy bringing a few of my friends up there to play some pool. It’s always a really good time,” Stephens said.

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