Photo courtesy of Alex Reighard. a section Reighard's hoodie collection spread across his bed.

Shepherd Students Share Their Hoodies For This Fall

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va.—The temperature is finally fall-ing and Alex Reighard is hoping his girlfriend will relinquish his favorite hoodie, a navy-blue pullover, after months of holding it captive.
“I’ll see it in the background of snapchats every now and then,” the Shepherd University Communications senior said in a recent interview.
Reighard was among several Shepherd students that The Picket recently surveyed about hoodies – a garment that appears to be one of the more popular fall fashion trends on campus.
Reighard says he has collected at least 10 hoodies, most of which were bought at H&M.
When asked what he prefers in a hoodie, Reighard said that he mainly prefers thin fabric zip-ups that are a size larger.
“I find it most comfortable based on how I look socially and physically” Reighard said
English senior Lauren Harvey says she has seven hoodies, but only three if she doesn’t count her husband’s.
“I take his because their baggy and soft on the inside,” Harvey explained.
Harvey said she wears hoodies because it helps her fluctuate between her gender fluidity.
“Hoodies make me feel more feminine, cute stylish and comfy,” Harvey said.
Men can handle the cold.”
Harvey’s suggested stores to shop for hoodies this fall are Kohl’s, J.C. Penney, Hot-Topic and Target.
While he doesn’t have a girlfriend, Isaiah Hall says he is always willing to give his hoodie to a female who finds herself indeed of warmth as the weather turns.
His preferred hoodie is 3XL in size with a pass-through pocket on the front, making it easier for Hall to shield his hands from the cold while he carries school materials to and from class.
“I wear hoodies because they’re useful. I just feel safe in them,” Hall said.
Ashley Barr, owns eight pull-over hoodies – her favorite being a blue pull-over with a big pocket on the front.
“No one steals my hoodies” Barr said.
When shopping for the right hoodie, Barr suggests looking to any sportswear store in the area, rather than going for brand-name material.
“I used to wear a lot of Aeropostale, but now the brand doesn’t matter to me as much as how comfortable it is and how well it fits”
Barr says that she wears hoodies because they’re warmer and can go with almost any outfit, but that her suggested colors are blue, black and or gray.

Lauren Harvey wearing her favorite Steelers hoodie.
Photo courtesy of Isaiah Hall. Hall’s favorite hoodie laid out.
Photo courtesy of Ashley Barr. Barr wearing her favorite blue pull-over hoodie.
Photo courtesy of Alex Reighard. a section Reighard’s hoodie collection spread across his bed.

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