Photo courtesy of Trey Criner. Criner taking a selfie before heading out for the night.

2019 Haunting Fashion Sense in Review

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va., — Halloween is a day of freedom, where fashion is concerned, and the Shepherdstown community was no less diverse in costume in 2019 than in real life, Shepherd University students and residents say.
Alumni Adam Wilson said he decided on an extremely vintage look this year.
“I was wearing a 16th century traditional Italian Doublet.”
Wilson says he doesn’t normally dress up for Halloween, but decided to throw on the ensemble for fun. Wilson admits that he’s a cosplayer or someone who like dressing up as characters from movies, books etc.
“Every day is more or less Halloween for me, but way more elaborate,” Wilson said.
Shepherd biochemistry freshman Trey Criner said he went for a cheap and easy costume this year as he put together blue jeans, a button-down plaid shirt, a pocket watch and a metal half-goggle to finish the look.
“I was a steampunk, farm boy. It was originality on a budget,” Criner said.
Criner said not many people understood his costume but they seemed to like the outfit anyway.
On Halloween, Criner said he saw other cheap but effective costumes being worn by the residents of Shepherdstown.
“A lot of people were wearing those Harry Potter house robes, that you just tie on,” Criner said.
English junior Mattea Hastings said she came up with a Halloween outfit and concept in just a few short hours.
“I found a matching pink skirt and jacket set, and decided on Regina George.”
Hastings decided to portray the character in the 2004 teen comedy film, Mean Girls as she walked the streets of Shepherdstown, stopping at Domestic, a local bar on German Street, before heading to a private party off campus.
“People understood who I was, when I started quoting the movie and dropping the name Karen a lot,” Hastings said.
Undeclared freshman Destiny Barr, followed in Hastings footsteps as she also went for a movie-inspired look. Barr sported a black tank-top and jeans with a red and black cape flowing behind her.
“It was my friend’s idea, she likes Stephen King and the movie, Salem’s Lot. So, we went for vampires, but no glitter,” Barr said.
Barr only had one picture taken before her friend swept her away to a few parties to celebrate her start at Shepherd University.

Photo courtesy of Adam Wilson. Wilson wearing his costume during the weekend of Halloween.
Photo courtesy of Trey Criner. Criner taking a selfie before heading out for the night.
Photo courtesy of Mattea Hastings. Hastings striking a pose at her friend’s house
Photo courtesy of Destiny Barr. Bar taking a selfie before going to a party

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