Rompers continue to rise in the fashion world

(THE PICKET)—A fashion trend that made a rebound in 2006 is still holding strong—rompers. A romper is a one-piece garment which can be described as a mix of overalls and a jumpsuit, except with short legs.

“I came into contact with one just this summer. I like that it’s something easy to throw on and be comfortable in for a whole day,” said Clarissa Gordon, 21, a senior nursing major at Shepherd University.

According to College Fashion, rompers got their start as children’s fashion, as early as 1904, due to their likeness to a onesie. During the 1920s rompers slowly made their way into women’s fashion because of their versatile use

“I like that some of them can even look classy enough for a business casual affair, or a presentation,” Gordon said.

Anna Hail, 21, also a nursing major at Shepherd, said, “I like that it is a seamless one piece outfit, like a dress, but it has the benefit of shorts, so I don’t have to worry about how I sit. Add a nice cardigan and the right accessories and it’s perfect.”

The style, fabric and color of rompers are so plentiful, that if you search them on the Internet, there would more types than you could pick from.

Both Hail and Gordon noted that there is one downside to rompers.

“They are so hard to use in the bathroom because it’s only one piece of clothing that’s usually tied or buttoned up in the back. If you’ve got to go, make sure you take a buddy,” said Gordon.

Although this is one hassle that they both agree on, the comfort and effortless style can’t be beat.

“I think that they are cool way of expression,” Hail said.

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