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RAM-ming Through the End of the Semester

Shepherdstown, W.Va., –  When it comes to the end of the year, motivation and concentration are the first to go; students of Shepherd share what gives them motivation, purpose, study methods and overall tips on how they RAM through the end of the year.  

There is nothing like the springtime, warm weather, flowers sprouting and the closing of yet another online semester. The well-known effect of “burnout” spreads almost as quickly as the pollen in the spring air. This phenomenon can either make or break your final grades of the semester, so that is why it is crucial to buckle down and ram out the final few weeks. 

“My motivation has its ups and downs towards the end of the semester. At times I am super motivated because we only have about a month left, but I have also been super burnt out from not getting any breaks like we got before COVID,” said Marie Shindledecker  

“I do almost all of my schoolwork in the library,” said Zoe Grim. Staying motivated to do schoolwork when the weather is warm is difficult on its own, that is why finding the perfect, distraction-free place is the best counteraction.  

Being able to find tips and tricks to help get you through the end of the year is important for both imminent and future success. “Some tips that got me through the semester was prioritizing assignments based on how long they would take and what was due,” said Grim. 

For others, the most helpful tips they could offer were sheer hope and research, “I don’t have any specific tips, but I use optimism that we only have 4 weeks left,” said Robert Engel.  

“Google,” said Donna Budzyn.  

Just because there is a workload, does not mean that you have to face it alone. Finding study groups or even tutoring—located at Scarborough Library—can greatly benefit students if they are experiencing a rut. Do not be afraid to reach out to others when you need help, as a community, everyone is in the same boat.  

 “I’ve learned that friends with the same classes make the workload easier because you aren’t alone and they most likely are confused or they can help you,” said Grim. 

With only a month away, the last day of classes is on April 23, 2021, so be sure to power through and remind yourself who you are doing this all for.  

“The relief I will feel when I finish my degree and graduate is what keeps me motivated. I am also motivated by getting to help people in the mental health field,” said Shindledecker when asked why she pushes through. 

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