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Godzilla vs Kong (Spoiler Free)

I have been waiting pretty much all my adult life for a film like this. As a Godzilla mega-fan, I am pleased to be reviewing Godzilla vs. Kong from director Adam Wingard. Everything you could expect from this movie, it delivered on. 

We can begin by discussing the story. It is pretty poor, but I’m sure we all knew that going in. Thankfully, they don’t waste much time on it. There is a silly B-plot that takes more screen-time than is necessary and ties the movie together in a laughably predictable , but it doesn’t bog down the rest of the excitement. In addition, Godzilla vs. Kong is completely self aware. You came for giant monster battles and that’s what you get.

The CGI in this film is miraculous. They don’t beat around the bush when it comes to destructive environments and impressive creature movement. They nailed the look of an ideal Godzilla film on the head. The colour, the particle effects, and the monster designs are some of the best we have seen since Toho’s last picture, Shin-Godzilla. The action is exciting, the destruction is terrifying, and the scale is beyond satisfying. 

The soundtrack regrettably doesn’t feature the original Godzilla theme from Akira Ifukube that the previous films delivered. Besides that, Junkie XL does a wonderful job creating a fresh new score for the movie with new themes I hope we will be revisiting in the next Monsterverse installment.

I implore you to see this movie in a theater. It is the spectacle of the year, and has already earned the best box-office opening since COVID began. With local theaters like the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester and Warehouse Cinemas in Frederick offering safe environments with strict COVID-safety guidelines, there is no better time to support your favourite multiplex. I give 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong a 4 out of 5.

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