Political Science Department Hosts Ebola Teach-In

Shepherd University’s department of political science sponsored an afternoon Ebola teach-in on Monday, Nov 10.

The event took place in the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies auditorium and covered topics concerning Ebola.

Dr. Burt Lidgerding, associate professor of biology, opened with a presentation and basic information about the Ebola virus.

Dr. Laura Clayton, professor of nursing, took the stage next. She discussed the symptoms and treatments of the disease. Clayton also touched on airport screening and risk categories of the virus. She said the nursing program receives emails and information from the state to prepare students and inform them on how to prepare for and treat an Ebola case.

In conclusion to the event, Dr. Aart Holtslag, assistant professor of political science, discussed the political circumstances of the disease. He also talked about the lack of funding and contributions that the World Health Organization receives and how this has affected the current outbreak in West Africa.

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