NYFW shows off upcoming trends

(THE PICKET) – In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three days, New York Fashion Week has officially begun.

On Friday morning, Kate Spade threw a garden party with 30,000 fresh flowers to showcase her Spring/ Summer 2016 collection. Buckets of rainbow colored flowers with models posing in front of them lined the runway. The models were dressed in sequins, colorful stripes, and pastel colors mixed with floral prints to make the flowers the focal point of the show.

Meanwhile at the Givenchy show Friday night, things took a dive. Victoria’s Secret model, Candice Swanepoel, had what the Daily Mail UK called “a real fallen angel” moment. The South African angel missed her footing, tripping over her laces on her untied bootie heals, falling on her hands in front of an audience. With help from audience members, Swanepoel was brought to her feet and continued the show like a true professional. Later, Swanepoel took to Instagram to show her scraped knees and thank the audience members for picking her up off the runway. Swanepoel said she left with a few scratches but is mainly suffering from a bruised ego.

Riccardo Tisci, an Italian creative director, worked with performance artist, Marina Abramovic, to create the runway for the Givenchy show. The show took place on a pier in Manhattan with walls made of recycled metal and wooden shards, with seating for the massive crowd made out of wooden pallets and benches. The Givenchy models wore black and white with some lace and sheer with the occasional tuxedo jackets for both men and women.

Givenchy chose NYFW over Paris Fashion Week in honor of the new Givenchy store opening in the city.

The popular runway makeup choice so far this year seems to be the minimal makeup “fresh face” look, or in Marc Jacob’s case, the zero product look. Along with the minimal makeup look, “just bitten” lips are in. A juicy child-like lip flushed with a natural color look covered by a soft gloss or stain will make your “no makeup” look complete.

As for the hair, “the knot”, a sumo wrestler inspired bun (but not a man bun), is a popular trend on the runway. Another common runway hair trend so far for NYFW has been the sleek and wet look. Models at the Zac Posen show wore their hair down and slicked at the part, where other shows showcased the sleek and wet look with hair pinned up.

NYFW is being streamed live all day until Sept. 17 on nyfw.com as well as on their mobile NYFW app.

Check back for more updates as New York Fashion Week unfolds.

Hayley Butler is a staff writer for The Picket. She can be reached at hbutle01@rams.shepherd.edu or followed on Twitter @haybutler.

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