Artist Caitlin Gill stands in front of two pieces from her "Fowl Play" exhibit.

“Fowl Play” – Phaze 2 Gallery Hosts Exhibit by Artist Caitlin Gill

Shepherd University’s art department is hosting a mixed-media exhibit by Maryland-based artist Caitlin Gill from November 9-January 20 in the Phaze 2 Gallery. 

The exhibition, titled “Fowl Play,” explores the themes of patriarchy, the male gaze, and gender through portraits of birds, which reflect the artist’s identity and her effort to unlearn these societal standards. 

The director of the Phaze 2 Gallery, Evan Boggess, oversees the process of showcasing artists’ work in the space from start to finish. 

This Thursday, the gallery held the opening reception for the new exhibit, where students and members of the public toured the space and got a chance to meet the artist. 

Caitlin Gill’s “Fowl Play” exhibit is just one example of the many art installations featured at the Phaze 2 Gallery. Other visiting artists and student works of all mediums are shown throughout the year in an effort to build a connection between the Shepherdstown community and the contemporary art world, something that the art department strives to maintain through its cross-disciplinary approach. 

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