"The Faux Show" art sale, part of a class project for Art 403 students, will take place Nov. 29 at Shepherd. Images from Vivienne Wells

See and Buy Real Art at the ‘Faux Show’ Auction

SHEPHERDSTOWN- Clubs and organizations are not the only groups returning to in-person events as pandemic restrictions lift at Shepherd University. Courses across the board can open up events to students outside of their class to gain exposure and experience. Those in the class can act on the theory that they are learning, and those out of the class can get an inside look at the lessons. Art Criticism is returning with an event to do just that!

Art 403, taught by Professor Christopher Coltrin, has a tradition of hosting the “Faux Show” Art Show. This event gives art students in the course the opportunity to pose as contemporary artists or art dealers in order to build off what they learned in the course. In order to make the “Faux Show” more realistic, the event is opened to the public.

This year, the “Faux Show” returns to Shepherd on Monday, Nov. 29, at 7 p.m. in the Contemporary Art Building. Students, staff and people from the Shepherdstown community are invited to view and “buy” artworks at the event.

In order to create the “Faux Show,” students who were chosen to be the contemporary artists were tasked with creating works and prints to “sell” at the event. Those who were chosen to be the art dealers were tasked with selling their artist and their work.

The community has their own role as the consumers for the art show. No money is needed to buy this art and yet, the community can still walk out with an art item. When the “customers” arrive, they will be given the opportunity to spin a wheel for a randomized amount of fake money to spend. The customer can then walk around the tables to exchange their fake money for real art works.

All of the students are representing real artists and have created pieces inspired by those artists. One such role is Miss Van, portrayed by Savannah Grammo. Miss Van is a contemporary artist who specializes in street art and graffiti. Her works contain aspects of femininity, sexuality, and doll figures. Miss Van in the “Faux Show” has taken the main aspects of the artist’s work to form an entirely new art piece that will be shown and auctioned off at the event.

Another contemporary artist that will be represented is Richard Prince, portrayed by Brady Michael. Prince is known for taking established, contemporary pieces and changing details in order to present it as his own. For the “Faux Show,” the work inspired by Prince will take from another beloved artist. The artist followed a Bob Ross tutorial while changing small details such as substituting white hues with pink.

The “Faux Show” is an opportunity for art students to explore what it means to sell your art and work with a dealer at an auction. This is also an opportunity for Shepherd students to experience an art auction while supporting their peers.

Many artists, including Miss Van and Richard Prince, will be portrayed at this event. The “Faux Show” invites viewers to arrive at 7 p.m. on Nov. 29 to view the artworks for sale in the Contemporary Art Building. Visitors must come to the auction in order to obtain art pieces and other items such miniature prints, stickers, etc. Come support your peers and check out the “Faux Show!”


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