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A majority of Shepherd students look forward to Valentine’s Day, poll suggests

A poll conducted by The Picket shows that roughly 70% of students at Shepherd University look forward to Valentine’s Day in some way

This is more than the national average, where just over 50% of adult Americans are expected to celebrate the holiday this year.

Konnor Brown, a student at Shepherd who looks forward to the holiday said, “While you should be appreciating your partner every day, it’s a day to take time for each other.” 

Magnolia White, another student, said yes “My boyfriend and I are both very, very busy and it gives us an excuse to take a break from our lives and spend some quality time together”. 

Opinions on Valentine’s Day seem to shift from year to year. Some say it’s a fun day with happy colors and love in the air. Others say it’s harmful and overly commercialized. 

Paige Mills, another student, believes that Valentine’s Day is overly commercialized and that is why she is not looking forward to it this year. 

“I just think it’s a holiday that companies use” … “They just want you to buy things for Valentine’s Day.” 

Americans this year are expected to spend over $25 billion in Valentine’s Day gifts.

While some students take the holiday of love wholeheartedly, will celebrate it on another day this week due to responsibilities such as school or work.

“I am actually going on a double date on Saturday. I’m excited,” White said when asked if she had any plans on Valentine’s Day.  

When asked the same question, Brown said, “Unfortunately, [on] the 14 she (his girlfriend) works, but the 15 I’m taking her out to dinner and then we’re going to see a movie. And we’re gonna get each other some Legos to build together!” 

Other students are taking Valentine’s Day as a time to decompress and work on self-care… 

Student, Adrian Cornelius, said, “It’s a self-care day” …” I’m currently watching HelluvaBoss, so I’m gonna finish watching it on Valentine’s Day.”

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