Student Voice Quiz Results Show Lack of Engagement


By the evening of Friday, March 21, 132 students had taken the “Student Voice” pre-election quiz on the Sakai site, responding to prompts about changes they might like to see on the campus. Of the respondents, 124 rated the quiz as “very easy” to complete.

The quiz posed a series of questions:

Should Shepherd’s campus become smoke-free? Eighty-one students said “yes” and 51 said “no.”

Which is of greater importance to you? Thirty-four students selected “student center,” and 98 students selected  “parking garage.”

What is the biggest problem on campus? Seventy students responded “limited parking,” 24 students responded “dining options,” 35 students responded “class choices and availability,” and three students selected “other.”

How would you prefer to vote in future elections? One hundred and twenty-nine students preferred “online,” and three preferred “paper.”

How difficult or easy was it to navigate to and complete this “test”? One person responded the quiz was “somewhat difficult,” seven students chose the response “somewhat easy,” and 124 students felt the Sakai quiz was “very easy.”

Harley Smith, a junior secondary education major, plans to vote for the class president. She said, “The Sakai site is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if it will work as well as the student council wants it to.”

Aja Bailey, a senior English major, stated, “The questions on the quiz were very effective because they dealt with issues that are major problems at Shepherd, particularly the question concerning the parking garage.”

Alana Gondeck, current SGA president, said, “We could definitely improve the number of students who completed the practice test and will hopefully get a higher level of participation for the actual election.” Gondeck stated that information gathered from this quiz will be passed on to the new executive board to look at as they plan for the upcoming school year.