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SGA Leaders Win Uncontested

While the new SGA president and vice president have not been officially sworn in to their offices, Logan Sigley and Scott Graham are running unopposed for the top executive positions in SGA.

Nominations ended Friday, March 21. Sigley will be the 2014–2015 SGA president. Sigley was unavailable for comment. Graham will be the next SGA vice president. Graham was also unavailable for comment.

Voting will continue for the class president and the Student Life Council (SLC) positions.

There are three nominees for senior class president: Tom Jones, Elizabeth Johnson and Rose Tribby. Since not all of the candidates for senior class president could attend the debate Tuesday, Shepherd students will be denied a public debate for senior class president.

Jones stated that he is “always looking for opportunities to improve my leadership skills, and I believe the position of senior class president does just that.” He said, “My number one goal is make sure the opinions of my fellow classmates are voiced to the Student Government Association.”

“We will simply allow SGA president and vice president candidates to give a speech as part of this week’s SGA meeting,” current SGA President Alana Gondeck stated. If anyone is interested in coming, the meeting will be held this Tuesday in the Byrd CLS auditorium at 5 p.m.

Cara Jeffries, a senior elementary education major, said that “as a senior class member, I hope there is more publicity about the candidate platforms for senior class.”

According to Gondeck, the SGA does intend to publish a short statement regarding each senior class president candidate’s platform on Sakai so that voting students can learn a bit about their nominees. The information will be updated by the end of the week, and there will be an announcement made through the Sakai site once the information becomes available.

Alethea Snurr-Stupar, a secondary education major, said, “It would be useful for me to be able to look at candidate platforms online.”

There are several seats open in the SLC for candidates Shane Short and Ni Sung. Sung said that if he were elected for the Student Life Council position, he would “hope to accomplish increased student involvement with the out/on campus activities and, most importantly, making sure each and every student and staff member here feels welcome.

Check your Shepherd Sakai site for more information as the Shepherd elections continue.

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