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Opinion: US averages more than one mass shooting per day

August 27, 2015

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(THE PICKET) - The Washington Post reports that the U.S. averages more than one mass shooting per day. Aug. 26, the 238th day of the year, 247 mass shooting incidents have been reported. What do you think should be done to break... Read more »

An Insurgent movie review


March 31, 2015

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Insurgent fits the description for every other young adult movie and novel out there: a bad guy that thinks he’s doing the right thing, heroes fighting the oppressive systems of their government, a love story and agonized teenagers. Despite... Read more »

Review of a student written play


March 31, 2015

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What Makes a Man is a mature, contemporary play by Shepherd University student Alex Hale. The play is unapologetic and hysterical, while still having an important message underneath the humor. What Makes a Man starts out with t... Read more »

Government hypocritical in Washington Redskins criticism


March 31, 2015

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As I was waiting for a friend this past week to get ready, I was scrolling through Facebook like millions of other Americans and stumbled across a photo stating, “The federal government has ‘tomahawk’ cruise missiles and... Read more »

Shepherd’s lower funding may mean higher tuition


March 10, 2015

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Why is Shepherd University not raising as much money as similar universities? In the 2014 academic fiscal year, Shepherd University raised $2,893,813, according to an annual survey conducted by the Council for Aid to Education. While... Read more »

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