Fans Consider Team Relocation


January 28, 2016

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(THE PICKET) - It’s every fan’s worst nightmare: their favorite team packing up and leaving town with the owner storming off in a huff when a city does not give in to his demands for an new stadium. For years, Los Angel... Read more »

Wi-Fi trouble persistent at Kenamond dormitory


January 20, 2016

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(THE PICKET) – Shepherd University students are all too familiar with the Wi-Fi problems in the dormitories, dating back to fall semester of 2015-2016, when residents in Shaw Hall went the entire first month of school withou... Read more »

Incoming president enthusiastic about addressing campus challenges

December 7, 2015

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Shepherd University incoming President Mary J.C. Hendrix addressed faculty in an open letter to faculty and staff after The Picket published an anonymous letter from an untenured faculty member addressing salary and raise concern... Read more »

An open letter to the new Shepherd University president on faculty salaries from an untenured faculty member

November 20, 2015

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Dear President Hendrix, I would like to congratulate you on your new position and welcome you to this great campus and university. You have made an excellent choice to come to Shepherd University, which I, as a faculty member,... Read more »

Cancer in the family


November 16, 2015

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(THE PICKET) –  I was driving to visit my parents in Arlington when they called me. They said I’d need to take a detour to the hospital - my cousin, John-Michael, had leukemia. It had been a long time since I’d seen... Read more »

Football team called for resignation; President resigns after protest


November 13, 2015

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(THE PICKET) – The University of Missouri’s football team used its influence to draw change at the University with the resignation earlier this week of school President Tim Wolfe. The resignation comes after months of ... Read more »

A recipe for disaster: Decreasing retention, inadequate state funding and low faculty pay

November 6, 2015

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Retention is a problem at Shepherd, which was recently highlighted by Katie Gayman in The Picket. The fact is a sizable chunk of students start school here, but don’t finish. Public funding for higher education is a problem in ... Read more »

Students speak up about safety on and off campus


October 12, 2015

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(THE PICKET)—Despite the mass shootings on college campuses, Shepherd University students said they feel quite safe on campus and in Shepherdstown. “I have been here at Shepherd University for the past four years, and ... Read more »

Suicide awareness: an open letter

October 8, 2015

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The day that I got the news that my friend died is frozen in my memory. I’ll never forget a second of it. The gut-wrenching pain, the disbelief, the confusion. Even now, it’s still hard to believe that someone so happy and... Read more »


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