EDITORIAL: Happy Holidays

The Picket Editorial Board wishes the Shepherd University students, faculty and staff a wonderful Holiday Season and Winter Break.

Give yourself a pat on the back! Fall Semester is now behind us, including all the stress that came with it.

Now is the time to rest and recuperate. To do that, spending quality time with yourself and loved ones is essential.

Winter Break is a great opportunity to do just that, as it is filled with holidays full of cheer.

One of these holidays is New Year’s, a time to celebrate and remember the joyful memories you’ve made in 2023, and to be hopeful with what 2024 has to offer. Many will be hopeful due to a sense of vigor in establishing New Year’s Resolutions by learning from mistakes made in 2023 and starting fresh in 2024.

And while New Year’s Resolutions are good for everyone, they’re a great opportunity for the growth of students in their years at university. 

One suggestion is that a student can create a New Year’s Resolution based on mistakes made in the previous semester so they can get the grades they want in the Spring.

Take for example, a student who slacked off on a few minor assignments in one of their classes, thinking they wouldn’t be a big deal, as there are so many other assignments they completed, as well as substantial grades on exams or quizzes. But when grades came back once the semester ended, completing those few assignments wholeheartedly could’ve boosted their mark by a whole letter grade.

Therefore, a simple resolution could be to complete all assignments, no matter how insignificant some may seem.

A survey conducted by Forbes Health found that only 1% of people surveyed stick to their New Year’s Resolution for the entire year.

That’s a pretty disappointing statistic. 

Experts advise that giving yourself a “specific and measurable” goal that can be achieved through small habits can go a long way.

Going back to the assignments example above, simply checking every night for assignments due could help a student get the grade they want.

Of course, academic goals won’t be everyone’s priority while 2024 begins. Some may prioritize getting healthier, making new friends, or even getting a good night’s sleep every night. Whatever it may be, developing one small habit may likely make you in the 1% of people who stick with their New Year’s Resolution, as the survey suggested.

At the same time, end the year off by enjoying the next few weeks. The sun is setting in 2023, and will soon rise in 2024.

May 2024 be a year full of blessings, new opportunities, and joyful memories.

Happy Holidays!

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