Your Weekly Short/Feature Film Recommendations!



       Edmond Was a Donkey is the esteemed work of animator Franck Dion, whose beautifully-dismal grayscale world earned a whopping 28 festival awards. The titular character Edmond appears small in size and even smaller in confidence as he walks through the dreary metropolitan city to his job. The Stepford coworkers escape their conformity only to make fun of Edmond, whose unfortunately-shaped nose gives him the likeness of a donkey. Being donned with a paper crown fashioned into the shape of donkey ears, Edmond finds that its a fitting look.

Discovering his feral side, Edmond runs with it. He is able to find a happiness far greater than the contentment of security with a stable job and supportive wife despite being instructed to deny it. This admirable short film has a runtime of 15 minutes and can be found on platforms Vimeo and Youtube for free viewing, and is wholly recommended.

I give Franck Dion’s Edmond Was a Donkey a 4/5.




The feature recommendation, in honour of David Lynch’s birthday this week, is the modern surrealist masterpiece Mulholland Drive. Starring Naomi Watts, this sprawling noir tells the story of a Hollywood dreamer and an actress with amnesia as they search to find out how they found each other.

In a true Hollywood disposition, we witness love, intrigue and betrayal. However, as Lynch often reminds us, things are never as they seem. The line between dream and wakefulness is blurred and will surely leave any viewer with much to ponder.

I give David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive a score of 4/5; it is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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