You win some, you lose a lot more

(THE PICKET) – Losing $275 before 11:30 a.m. is no way to start the day, especially on a Friday morning when you still have an entire weekend ahead of you.

My friend Addy and I went to the casino on a Thursday night after I told him I had never gambled. At first I was hesitant, but he was persistent. While he told me how easy it was to win money, he didn’t tell me how easy it was to lose it.

“I promise, if you take at least $100 in there and listen to me you’re coming home with at least $150 to $200,” he said.

The man had so much confidence in his voice and all I was hearing was easy money, how could I not hit the bait. So I’m like, “Lets do it,” I stopped at Sheetz, took $100 out of the ATM, and we were ready to go.

We finally get to the casino in Charles Town. I’m excited and my man Addy says we’re going to play the roulette table first. At first I watch him play a few games, I see him lose a little, win a little, then I finally feel as though I got the hang of it so I hop in the game.

Man, I must have had beginners luck because every number I was picking was hitting and if my 35-to-one choices didn’t hit then my 2-to-one were. We were in there for about three hours and when it was all said in done I was leaving with $175 in my pocket. My man Addy on the other hand was hurting and I mean hurt. I was trying my best not to laugh but his reactions during and after his loses were hilarious. I kept thinking to myself, this is the same guy who was talking a good game before hand; now look at down $160, priceless. The car ride home was the funniest, moments of awkward silence and me smiling, trying my best to keep from laughing.

I’m already talking about going back the very next morning. That’s when I knew I might have a problem. Addy tried to talk me out of it. I tell him I’m just joking and what not. All night I was thinking of different strategies to use next time I go but at this point I didn’t think I was actually going to go any time soon. I wake up round 6 a.m., hit the gym by 7 a.m., finished up by 9 a.m., and next thing I know I’m in the car headed to Charles Town about to hit the casino again. Terrible right? Mind you, I have class at 12:25 p.m. so once I get there that leaves me with about an hour and 30 minutes to do my thing and get back to shower up and head to lab.

I go there with $175, gone in 45 minutes. All I could do was shake my head. Next thing I know I’m standing in front of the ATM. The number one rule is you never go to the ATM. So now I’m back the roulette table. Thirty minutes later I’m driving home cursing the world, laughing angrily like I belong in a nut house. Moral of the story, avoid casinos at all cost. Your life will be better off, trust me.

Da’shawn Long is a staff writer for The Picket. He can be reached at or followed on Instagram @sirswave.

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