Wi-Fi trouble persistent at Kenamond dormitory

(THE PICKET) – Shepherd University students are all too familiar with the Wi-Fi problems in the dormitories, dating back to fall semester of 2015-2016, when residents in Shaw Hall went the entire first month of school without Internet connections.

This caused great anguish among students as some were forced to rely on cramming as much work as possible during the day by going to the library, knowing when nightfall struck other obligations would hinder them from making it to the libraries before closing hours. These students would no longer have the ability to access or finish work on online-based resources and assignments.

For others, the Wi-Fi problem disrupted their ability to get a proper amount asleep because their schedules were such that the only time they had to start their assignments were during the late hours after the library closed forcing those night owl worker bees to go to the 24-hour room. Just imagine, after a long day of classes and work that instead of starting or finishing your assignments or research in your own comfort zone, one’s sanctuary, you now have to make that long walk during the night to the 24-hour room to stay on top of work.

Irritating don’t you think?

Well as much as we hoped everything had been fixed, after speaking with a few fellow Shepherd students I was told that Kenamond Hall, a freshmen dorm at Shepherd University, has been experiencing sporadic Wi-Fi connections.

Da’Shawn Long is a staff writer for The Picket. He can be reached at dlong03@rams.shepherd.edu.

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