Wi-Fi improvements for residence halls delayed due to equipment

(THE PICKET) – A $235,000 plan to expand and improve Wi-Fi in west campus residence halls could take several more weeks because of delays in equipment, said Joseph Dagg, the director of IT Services at Shepherd University.

The ambitious project, which will add 230 Wi-Fi access points to Shaw, Thacher, Dunlop and Printz residence halls, was set to be completed before fall semester began, Dagg said. Additional access will be added to Miller once construction on the apartments is finished and funding is available, he added.

“Like any capital initiative, this is often a phase-in approach that also depends on resources, availability and product,” Dagg said. “It is important to note, these large initiatives are not simple by any means, as cost, resources, time and planning are very challenging to do within a residence hall setting. The University is dedicated to improving the student experience, and one key area to accomplish this is with the expansion of Wi-Fi into the Res Halls.”

The improvements were also delayed because of equipment failures in Thacher. To temporarily remedy that problem, Dagg said that 25 Internet ports were taken from Shaw and installed in Thacher this week.

“Once the 200 new access points arrive and the installation is completed, Shaw and Thacher will each have over 50 access points in each, roughly a 500 percent improvement,” Dagg said in an email.

Students are encouraged to take any IT-related issues to the office directly by calling 304-876-5457, visiting User Support personnel in the lower floor of the Library or emailing the issue to them directly at support@shepherd.edu, Dagg said.

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