Where in the world would you go?

Shepherd students contemplated where they would go if they could travel anywhere in the world, and why.

Some students took family heritage into account when considering where they’d like to go. Mariella Avendano, 22, said China and Spain are on her list because she has Chinese and Spanish ancestry. “I’ve been really getting into my roots lately, and I would be really interested in traveling to where my family is originally from.”

Other students said they were attracted by the cultures of different places. Christian Shimer, 21, wants to travel to Japan because of his appreciation for both anime and the country’s beauty. Lara Caldas, 24, has been studying French for about a year and is interested in visiting France and Italy to experience the food and continue learning different languages.

Whether to explore a family history, feed a culture craving, or push the limits of your comfort zone, one thing is clear: there is always a good excuse to travel.

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