Weather Gone Wild: Now with Crazy Names

Climate change has been an increasing threat within the past couple years, raising concerns of the population worldwide.
Every day, global warming appears to become more of an imminent threat. According to the National Climactic Data Center, out of the 10 hottest years on record, nine of them occurred in the past decade.
According to the NCDC, in 2012 alone, there were 10 globally significant weather events, including Hurricane Sandy, and the past year world’s surface experienced warmer than average temperatures.
Yet even if someone isn’t keen on the specific details or knowledge of global temperatures, anyone can recognize what’s going on just by looking outside. The extreme weather conditions experienced this past winter are enough to raise eyebrows. One day it’s nearly 70 degrees outside and then the next snow is on the ground.
It’s no wonder the flu season has been such an epidemic this year. With a mild winter changing temperatures daily by more than 30 degrees, there’s little doubt that people are getting sick left and right. No one can predict how to dress, and though I’m not a physician, these extreme temperature changes really can’t be good on the human body.
Moreover, in the other parts of the United States, devastating weather is also wreaking havoc all over the place. A record-breaking snowfall amount just blanketed the northern East Coast, leaving people cooped up for days and out of power.
In the South, in states like Georgia and Mississippi, there have been tornado outbreaks. This type of weather is highly unusual for this time of year. And these aren’t just weak storms; they are E3 classified, which means they are immensely strong funnels that can cause severe damage.
It is the middle of winter and the southern states have to film tornados like on “Night of the Twisters.” Something is extremely unsettling here.
Not to mention that in the past only Hurricanes were given catchy nicknames. Now, almost every single storm is given a name because all are potentially capable of massive destruction and devastation.
President Barack Obama even addressed the environmental issue in his second inauguration on Jan. 21. He said, “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.”
Though specific plans to create jobs and environmentally friendly industries will take some time, this problem is one that absolutely can’t be ignored.
Nicole Love, an environmental science major and senior at Shepherd, offered her thoughts about climate change. She said, “It does make me worry, and those that refuse to believe global warming doesn’t exist are wrong. We need to start addressing this issue now.”
However, it does make one wonder if the culture America has created is one that will be able to adapt to change. Especially in West Virginia, where coal is vital and a source of living, it is easy to see resistance.
“People want to change,” said Love. “Now that the information is out there, there is a shift towards going green, but it really seems to be some of the industries that are the problem.”
Whether or not there is resistance, Mother Nature has already started to foreshadow a brutal reality ahead, and it’s only going to get worse.

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