University shedding new light on campus

SHEPHERDSTOWN – Following the assault on a student that took place Sunday, Feb. 1 behind Shaw Hall on the Shepherd University Campus (more details here:, campus officials decided to move quickly on improving lighting in the area.

“It was determined after a review by multiple administrators that more light in the pedestrian areas behind Shaw was needed immediately. Lighting was mounted on the corner of Shaw,” Valerie Owens, executive director of university communications, said. “Additionally, the new lighting will help illuminate the area behind Shaw where a large tree obscures visibility during the spring, summer and fall when it is in leaf.”

The plan to install and replace lighting on campus has been in motion since last year and was not in response to the attack, Dave Cole, dean of students, said. “The incident simply lit a fire under some people to speed the process up,” he noted.

According to Tom Crampton, operations manager of Facilities, $70,000 has been budgeted for the next two fiscal years, including this year, for new lighting.

“Facilities Management is always reviewing campus facilities to identify areas where they can increase safety,” Crampton said.

Crampton also said that none of the new lighting was in response to a specific incident, but was instead part of continuing efforts to make the campus safe.

The University and Facilities Management plans to add new lighting on campus as well as replace existing lighting with more energy efficient, LED lighting. The LED lighting will be installed along the new walking path from the Wellness Center to ‘H’ lot and the Butcher Center.

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