University prepares for snow

SHEPHERDSTOWN – While the winter storm has already hit the campus, Shepherd University braced for the storm before the snow began to fall.

Christie Harshman is the grounds supervisor in the facilities building at Shepherd University, and she helps prepare crews to keep paths safe on campus.

Before expected storms, Harshman said they lay around 2 – 3 tons of salt on the roads and sidewalks. She said that the university orders salt in 15 tons, and they put it down based on how much snow is expected.

“Our main concern is from the dorms to the dining hall,” Harshman said. “We want to make sure students can get there safely.”

Harshman says that crews of two are sent out to help clean sidewalks, one for each side of the campus.

“We use tractors and plows to plow the snow based on thickness,” Harshman said.

Harshman said that the school uses brine, which is a chemical used on roads, and it can last up to two weeks.

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