Ty Segall's 10th LP, "Freedom's Goblin"
Ty Segall's 10th LP, "Freedom's Goblin"

Ty Segall’s “Freedom’s Goblin” Review: Pastiche Goes Postal

(Shepherdstown) Ty Segall is well versed in the art and history of rock ‘n’ roll, proving on his 10th LP that there is no homage pool deep enough to pull out something fresh and new. “Freedom’s Goblin” sees Segall and The Freedom Band paint broader strokes on a much wider canvas to deliver a 19-track dissertation on the sounds of 60’s and 70’s glam, garage, indie, and punk rock through a bright, sprawling lens.

With a title such as “Freedom’s Goblin,” Segall and company created a crate-digging gem that one would turn their nose up at the moment it surfaces. Yet, “Goblin” is anything but a record to collect dust. The energy and production on this record oozes with exasperated youth, which is expected from someone of Segall’s reputation and age. The 30 year old brushes off coming close to the sounds of Jerry Garcia’s folk-tinged, drug rock or Roger Water’s blooming and urgent psychedelic licks to forge his own path through the rock of yesteryear, with the added bonus of a well-oiled brass section.

Tracks like ‘Every 1’s a Winner’ and ‘My Lady is on Fire’ feature Segall’s folk side, trading layered riffs for soft and sweet acoustic sounds over vocals straight from McCartney’s crooning sensibilities on classics like ‘Band on the Run’. The tracks roll and sweep from minute-to-minute, allowing Segall and The Freedom Band to paint in softer strokes, with the band riding out each and every musical impulse.

No creative stone was left unturned for Ty Segall’s 10th LP, “Freedom’s Goblin”. Segall should not be spoken of without mentioning his vast array of influences, yet “Goblin” allows Segall and Company’s own sensibilities to shine through. From Black Flag to Pink Floyd, Segall transcends these sounds to become a child of something more: the culture.

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