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Too Soon For Tinsel?

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va., – Christmas is around the corner, but for some, the holidays have been around for sometime. How can they not be?

With stores lining their shelves with Christmas decorations, Hallmark movies taking over television, and Mariah Carey once again returning to the top music charts, the Christmas spirit is hard to miss this time of year.

That’s why I asked as many people as I could; “In your perfect world, when would we start celebrating the holidays?” 
There are quite a few people that are still stuck on the spooky fun of Halloween and wish that it would last just a little longer. Five people said that they wished Halloween was still in season this year. All they want for Christmas is a little more spooky time. 
15 people said that it is too early for Christmas and that we should get through Thanksgiving first. Most of these people told me that the Christmas season starts on November 27th, just in time for Holiday shopping. 
According to a scarce few of four people, the holidays start far too soon. They say that Christmas should only start being celebrated within a few days of the holiday as it can, “overshadow the other holidays of the month.” 
19 people said that Thanksgiving is out and Christmas is in. At 12:01 am on November 1st, the pumpkins go away and the tinsel comes out and stays out until midJanuary. 
With 2020 being such a stressful year, a few people told me that Christmas couldn’t come soon enough this year.

“I’m typically not one to jump the gun on Christmas, but in a year where we’re so divided, it feels nice to have something to bring us together” said one of the six people who told me that the holidays are a welcome change of pace. 
Whether you’re still clinging to Halloween candy or eyeing the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas season is here, but that’s not entirely what everyone had in mind.  


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