The Weekly Hump: Losing Your College V-Card

Let’s all admit that the real reason why college is so great is because you finally get to have sex whenever you want without looking over your shoulder for mom and dad.

The freedom of having sex and finally engaging in a new social corridor is both terrifying and stimulating. There is no more sneaking out or lying, except when you go back home to visit. Now you can bring someone over to your apartment or dorm and have your way with him or her whenever you want.

Ten in the morning? Hey, have a bagel before you go. Four in the afternoon? Let’s do it before we have dinner in the Ram’s Den.

Yet, while a lot of people tend to think virginity is a thing of the past, there is still a large percentage of those who make it to college without ever having sex. Losing your virginity can be a messy experience, even as a young adult.

So how do you go about it the right way? The typical answer is to have sex with your current boyfriend or girlfriend. But what if you can’t find someone you like enough to date? The urge is still there, driving you crazy.

Find a friend or someone who you can trust that won’t mind the messiness, or possibly someone who is more experienced than you willing to go slow and explain. You aren’t 16 years old anymore, so you should be past the age of wanting to stumble through the dark and figure it out as you go.

I also wouldn’t recommend hooking up with someone for the first time while intoxicated. Maybe have a little wine to loosen up, but the key is to be coherent, aware and engaged. Your first time doesn’t have to be special, but it is going to be memorable.

Regardless of your V status, you need to use birth control every time you have sex ,even if it is your first time. Condoms should be in every purse and wallet across campus. And always check the condom prior to use. Inspect it for breaks and tears. If it looks like it has been in a wallet for 12 years, get a new one. The elasticity on that bad boy has clearly run its course.

Whether you are a pro at having sex or just beginning, losing your college V-card is a right of passage that every student has access to. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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