The Weekly Hump: Twerking as an Artform

Despite its recent negative buzz, I believe the stigma around twerking is completely overrated.

Just as many other parts of modern culture have evolved, so has dancing. One of the biggest controversies to explode recently is twerking, spread widely through social media and the preconceived idea that hip-hop is to blame.

Twerking is, in short, the blend of twisting and jerking a person’s body in a provocative motion. The combination then causes your lower half to create a twerking, sensual gesture using mainly your hips and buttocks.

It is a representation of human progression and should not be labeled as taboo or chastised. Instead of looking down at twerking with repulsion, we need to embrace it as a symbolism of this century’s open culture with a little slap on the rear.

The erotic movements in twerking are just being carried out by what we produce on our bookshelves, clothing stores and video games. We can’t expect to hate on the twerk but not on the genre or fabrics that put us there in the first place. Twerking is yet another expression of sexual freedom that fits the world we have created.

Yet, think about it and be realistic. Could you imagine what we would look like ballroom dancing from the 1930s? How about if we were still stuck in a time capsule and jamming out to old school rock and hip-hop from the 1990s, but with today’s hits? It just wouldn’t fit, nor would it be possible. Our worlds can no longer mesh together with previous ones and what we look like on the dance floor is how we are supposed to.

A main argument within twerking is that every thigh jolt and rear jiggle unleashes the sexual human appetite some may not be comfortable releasing in the public atmosphere. So let’s be real. It is not really because the dance is so revolutionary, but because the movements are just so erotic and exhilarating; some aren’t prepared for it.

However, twerking doesn’t require a public domain. It can be a private experience, shared between you and your lover anywhere. Since the dance itself is intimate, you don’t have to leave the bedroom to the twist and jerk as foreplay.

Another common misconception about this dance is that it is only for females with a well-rounded rear, but males and females with various body shapes can do it. Twerking just requires complete discipline over your entire body. It is a very physical exercise which requires practice, skill and dedication. There are various levels of the dance such as beginner, mid-level and “twerkspert.”

Regardless if you want to twerk, have never taken a step into a club, or are close to being as good as the Twerk Team, the main thing is open-mindedness.

While social media has put a damper on the twerk train, that doesn’t mean you can’t get all aboard. Twerking is no different than reading your favorite romance novel on a park bench or wearing a tight dress in public and you have the freedom to feel comfortable doing all 3 actions, so I say drop that bass low and pop it.

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