The Threat of a Nuclear North Korea

If world events aren’t scary enough already, North Korea officially confirmed the earthquake felt on Feb. 12 was in fact a nuclear test.

This test would be North Korea’s third in the past six years. The first was in October of 2006 and the second was in May 2009. However, out of all three, the third executed this past February is without doubt the most worrisome for many reasons.

Other than that it is a test only a week or so old, this experiment was a different breed entirely. The nuclear test was designed to be a miniature device, one that eventually might be used for being attached to a missile. Smaller bombs have a significant advantage over larger bombs because of the highly advanced world our global society now lives in.

Since technology has evolved into a senseless age, so too have the possibilities of catastrophic weapons. It is frightening to think we soon may be living in an era in which one could detonate a missile, launching it all the way across the globe without even blinking. And strapped to that missile is enough force to cause a 4.9 magnitude earthquake with the ability to kill countless people.

Yet, North Korea’s third nuclear test could appear to be more of a threat to the United States than what some are suggesting. President Obama has spoken of it as a “highly provocative act.” Though it may take some time to see if the test was actually successful, speculation arises as to what North Korea has been up to these past few months.

According to the Iranian Labour News Agency, on Sept.1, 2012, North Korea and Iran began cooperating together for matters of science and technology. Both countries declared that they had “common enemies.”

Now, it’s not even four months later and North Korea already has unveiled a miniaturized nuclear test. Something about that timeline seems significant and leaves one to wonder if perhaps North Korea may be more of a threat than realized.

If the two countries have joined together for science and technology purposes because of common enemies, there is little doubt that signs could point to a nuclear threat, especially since Iran has been in the midst of a nuclear crisis.

Plus, the nuclear test was performed on the same day President Obama gave the State of the Union address. Of course, it could have been nothing more than just coincidence, but my instinct leads me to believe that there was irony in the unannounced gesture.

Although there is no imminent danger against the United States from North Korea’s performing a third nuclear test, it is still important for the country and world to be aware when any nation sets off tests on the nuclear level. These dangers pose a threat to humanity and all other forms of life on the earth.

It just reiterates how truly powerful technology really is and that the evolution of such a tool will only lead to de-evolution and devastation if not careful.

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