The Prank Primer: How to Make Your Friends April Fools

April 1st is both a favorite and least favorite holiday: April Fools’ Day! This day is about fun, so don’t participate in any pranks that would hurt others or damage their property. Here are several silly ideas to get started. Get ready to prank your friends or be the victim of a prank yourself!

Stuff your friend’s room:

This prank takes a bit of time but has a really spectacular effect. Simply fill your friend’s dorm room or bedroom with a whole bunch of something. Use balloons, packing peanuts, trash bags, or something else you can get in bulk amounts.


The annoying cups of water:

This is another time-consuming prank but is great when you want to really annoy somebody. Buy several packs of plastic or styrofoam cups and fill each one with water. Place the cups all around the target’s door; make sure there are enough so the person cannot step or jump over the cups without moving them.


Try a traditional Italian prank:

In Italy, France, and Belgium, pranksters enjoy attempting to attach paper fish to each others backs without being noticed. If they are successful, the prankster shouts, “April Fish!” Of course, you could always let your target walk around with a fish on their back all day instead of letting them know.


Give your roommate a bunch of gifts:

Surprise your roommate or friend by gift-wrapping their bedroom. Wrap everything in your target’s room with colorful paper. This includes pillows, chairs, pencils, hairbrushes, furniture, etc. They will be so excited to see all of the wonderful presents you left for them.


Flip someone’s world upside down:

This prank is very fun, but can be dangerous; please be careful if you attempt it. All you need is a roll of duct tape. Tape all of your friend’s things to the ceiling, preferably in the exact position they were in on the ground. Only use lighter objects, though. Do not try to attach someone’s desk or bed to the ceiling.


Make some funky food:

Trick your friends by coming up with some sneaky snacks. Serve them Oreos with toothpaste instead of cream filling. Make some clear Kool-Aid and offer them water. Fill up some doughnuts with mayonnaise. These are pretty easy so go crazy.


Give someone’s car a tune-up:

Is your friend’s car looking like it could use a paint job? Do them a favor and spend the night completely covering the car in post-it notes. You could do it all in classic yellow or make a pattern with pinks, greens, and blues.


Send your friend on a journey:

This is another traditional prank from Scotland. They call it “Hunt the Gowk.” All you need to do is hand your friend a sealed letter and ask them to deliver it to another friend. The letter in the envelope should say, “Don’t laugh and don’t smile. Hunt the gowk another mile.” The letter’s recipient should then send an identical message to another friend, forcing the “gowk” to run all over campus delivering the letter.


Cage the place:

This prank is beyond funny; it is truly inspirational. All you need is a color printer and a lot of paper. Go online and Google “Nicolas Cage.” Print out as many of the resulting pictures as you can, then proceed to decorate your friend’s room, someone’s house, or the Ram’s Den with photos of the world’s greatest actor.

If these ideas aren’t crazy enough for you, be creative! There are so many exciting pranks or tricks you can try, and this is the one day a year that people cannot get mad at you. Just remember that if your prank makes a big mess, it is your responsibility to clean it up. And please be safe; a prank should be fun for everyone. It should not hurt anyone or damage anything. Now go cause some mischief!

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